Assail Periodization? You might be wondering what this means. These two words are all about you and your personal health and fitness goals! To assail is a verb meaning to make a vigorous and concentrated attack on something. Periodization is the systematic and science based planning of athletic and physical training. The ultimate goal of periodization is to attain the optimal performance in your chosen fitness contest or health target over a specified time period. It involves goal identification and subsequent progressive cycling of various aspects of your training program including diet and exercise. Physical fitness programs use periodization to break up the training period into the off season, preseason and athletic in-season. This allows you to harness your athletic power and focus your conditioning program into phases of training focused on complementary goals.

At Assail Periodization we believe that you can achieve any health and fitness goal that you desire. It simply takes commitment and an optimized regimen. As your coach, I will customize and script a science based periodization plan for each client that will ensure that you attack and meet your goal. I am dedicated to making sure you are the best that you can be. Whether it is a weight loss goal or a fitness goal; I will show you how to embrace the process and strive for constant progression and physical performance.

"The calm before the storm."