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About Raeshaun Jones

Hello Athlete,

My name is Raeshaun Jones. Thank you for your interest in my science based exercise, nutrition and diet plans. You might be wondering what exactly I bring to the table to assure that everything I offer will be beneficial to your health and fitness goals.

Some information about me.

I have had a passion for working out and trying to optimize my health, physical and exercise performance for over 16 years. I was at a Division I college training for the season as a football player for the fall season when I noticed that one of my eyes seemed to be protruding slightly. Initially, I let it go for a little while thinking that maybe I was just studying too hard and my eyes were strained. I continued training for my goal with singular and determined focus and was in top physical condition when I was diagnosed during an annual physical with a sinonasal orbital tumor. This tumor was growing and forcing my eye out of the orbital socket.

Doctors did not know initially whether this tumor was malignant or benign. However, they knew that I needed surgery urgently to remove it due to its effects on my eye and sinuses. Just like that, my hopes of playing for the season were dashed, as I was told that any future that involved football would put me at significant risk following surgery. Thankfully, following surgery we learned that the tumor was benign. After an additional surgery, I would eventually make a full recovery with renewed and refocused health and fitness goals that involved hard core periodization.

I had previously been involved in power lifting competitions which were fun and interesting for me, but lacked enough challenge. So, I switched my focus to bodybuilding; which was more competitive and challenging. My Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Health with a focus in Exercise Science led me to investigate ways to optimize my performance and spurred me into health and fitness periodization coaching.

I want you to meet and exceed your fitness goals. I believe that each body is different and that is why every diet or fitness plan is customized to create optimum performance for the individual client. Whether your goal is fat loss, competition preparation or maximal health and fitness, I will ensure that you see results!